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Finished the next update of my SunCross crew. This Is Chris Kelly’s right-hand man.

Genre – sci-fi/superhero
Name – Giri Tond
Alias – Sir Jerry
Race/Home planet – human/Borann
Age(in earth years) – 49
Height – 6’0”
Weight – 240lbs 
Occupation – space adventurer, Officer in the United Universal Defense League
Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
Powers – Sir Jerry possesses super strength, speed, durability, agility and reflexes
Special skills/abilities – Sir Jerry is a master at all known hand held melee weapons, specializing in the use of swords. He is also an excellent shot with his six shooter.  
Weapons – Sir Jerry carries two to three swords of varying styles and his six shooter with him at all times.