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Yep,These guys are the villians,the gods are next.
Original Name : James Dawson
Nickname : The Crimeking
Backstory : Consumed by Power,James Dawson kills anything,anybody on his way to get more power,because of this,he mutated himself by accidentally spilling his experiment on his drinking water,giving him Increased Strength and Intelligence with the price of mutated zombiefied body,which he then able to control it,does chaos.
Abilities : Intelligence – James is able to calculate,translate anything fastly
Bribe – The Crimeking does anything to remove his targets,even money.
Super Strength – With Crimeking’s Increased Strength he can move mountains.
James (Normal) (below)
James (Mutated) (below)
Original Name : ???
Nickname :Lord Ricki,Tyrant,The Slave Lord,Doomlord
Backstory : The Descendant of End The God,with no name,as his slaves call him Lord Ricki,as a tyrant he controls chaos and dark magic,he controls chaos like any other Archwizard.
Abilities : Raise-Lord Ricki is able to raise anything,dead or living,which then he makes treants,dread dragons,zombies and undead.
Dark Magic
Blizzarda – Rains Sharp Ices.
Poison – Poisons an enemy
Firaga – Burns an Area
Thuderaga – Strikes enemies with thunder
Chaos Magics
Rain of Fire-Rains Fireballs with chaotic flames
Earthquake-Shakes the ground for a while destroying any mechanical and building enemies on the area
Infernal-Summons a Demon-like creature,Demon,Demonic Golem,Demonic Treant and anything demonic.
Lord Ricki (below)
Original Name : ???
Nickname : Mosslord,The Earth’s Father,The Demonic Golem
Backstory : Made by Lord Ricki,Mosslord was supposed to be the first demonic golem and should be General of The Demonic Golems,but he betrayed because he was tired of orders,unbeknownst to him,The Ranger attacked him without warning,for him he just fights for what he thinks is right.
Abilities : Rock of Ages-Mosslord can be rock hard,withstanding all attacks for a while
Earthbound-Mosslord is bounded to the earth,making him control the earth.
Minions-Mosslord makes golem companions to company him for a while
Mosslord (below)