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The Emperor:

The Emperor is a being who rules over all the darkest of magical forces…and is completely insane. In ancient times, he was a benevolent sorcerer, one of the few to use his magic for the good of the common people. But that life ended when a rival magician took control of his body and used his power to murder everyone in his village. Conscious but powerless, the sorcerer could do nothing but watch as his own hands brutally ended countless lives, many of them people he had known and loved for years.
By the time he regained control of himself, the sorcerer’s mind had become warped and twisted beyond all recognition; his humanity, empathy, and reason had deserted him, and the suffering of others no longer meant anything to him. Departing to the Spirit Realm, the sorcerer fought through its many horrible creatures and dark forces to become ruler of them all, earning a fearsome reputation among them and across the entire universe as The Emperor.