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Another period of inactivity, another return to the Net with new material…

First up, the full team shot of the Body of Justice:

The two new guys on the left are:

Capt. Skyler Hale, aka Hotfoot, an ex-law enforcer from an alternate dimension where time moves 200 times faster than it does in our own, thus enabling him to think, move, and react much faster than a normal human being. He’s considered a slowpoke by his dimension’s standards, so when The Brain summoned him with the DRG, he jumped at the chance to finally be more energized and on top of things than everyone else in the room.

Mitch Madison, aka The Flesh, a simple, blue-collar dock worker…until he discovered that a shipment he was loading contained an experimental drug, known as Plaster, being illegally sent overseas by the mob through his corrupt employer. When Mitch complained and threatened to call the police, his employer had him sealed in a crate full of Plaster and thrown into the ocean. Miraculously, Mitch not only managed to survive the encounter, but found that the Plaster had made his body fully elastic, able to bend and stretch into any shape imaginable. When he consulted a hospital about his new condition, he was immediately referred to Dr. Burton Chase (aka The Brain), who recruited him for his Body of Justice team.

I also came up with a pretty cool villain, but it’s getting late here, so it’ll have to wait till tomorrow.