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I actually hadn’t thought of either of those, though I might use one or both now that you mention it.

For now, with some belatedness, here is the next member: Bones.


Bio: When the Brain ran out of co-workers willing to endure dangerous experiments for the faint promise of superpowers, he began using his Dimensional Rift Generator (DRG) to summon beings from alternate universes to complete his team. One of these was Bones, a “posthuman” from a universe where he served as Head Public Guardian (their equivalent of police chief). He had just been fired for corruption when the Brain brought him to our world, and only agreed to join the Body of Justice in hopes that he could somehow regain the respect he had lost in his home world.

Powers and Abilities: Bones, as his name implies, is made of an indestructible bone-like substance, and can project and manipulate fire. Also, his fearsome appearance gives him an edge on most human opponents.