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The first Rogue Patrol member (and my favorite redesign so far):


Real Name: Eifat Ramon

Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel

Biography: Born a physically inadequate child to a wealthy, image-conscious family, Eifat Ramon was abandoned at a young age and spent much of her childhood moving between various guardians. Over the years, she developed an agressive personality, earning her the nickname “Shaid”, the Hebrew word for demon. She served in the military as a teenager, during which time she was caught in the War and left with a demonic appearance and the ability to control fire. After leaving the army, she became an agent of the Mossad, adopting “The Shaid” as her codename. Her work with the agency led to several encounters with ex-S.T.A.T.I.C. patients who had broken their programming, through which she learned of the organization’s evil intentions and co-formed the Rogue Patrol to stop them.

Powers and abilities: The Shaid has advanced pyrokinetic abilities, ranging from manipulating a small flame to creating a large wall of fire from nothing, and everything in-between. She also has extensive combat and intelligence training, and her Mossad employment grants her valuable access to information and people around the world.