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Enter the Mystic Part 7- Old Enemies and Rivals
Travis sprung up from the bed as he heard a crashing noise from down the hallway. He was only lucky that he didn’t want to take the items off before he went to bed. Something was telling him to not take them off tonight; there was something foul in the air. Pulling up his pant’s he walked down the hallway with caution. Candace stepped out of the room and looked at her farther while rubbing her eyes.
“Daddy? What was that noise?” she said in a tired voice.
“Nothing dear goes back to bed” Travis said while pushing her lightly back inside her room.
Travis peaked around the corner and looked at the shadowy figures that were looking at the pictures. Travis ducked into the closet so he could hide from the men. This wasn’t the time or the place for him to use his powers.

Skid and Mike looked around the dark room with a sense of mystery and sadistic excitement. Skid looked at the photos on the wall and was suddenly captured by one. He stared at this picture of the Naomi women and some guy he thought he recognised. His hand began to twitch as he stared at the man’s face.
“What’s up? What are we looking at?” Mike asked as he approached his friend.
“I don’t know something about the guy in this picture….seems familiar” Skid said.
“Old friend?” Mike said as he looked at the picture with his partner.
“No…It’s nothing like that. I feel like I have something against him” he said as a door opened from the other side of the room.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!” Naomi said shocked at the stranger’s in her house.
“Time for work” Skid said as they walked closer to her.

Naomi started backing away in fear and all Travis could do was watch. Why couldn’t he be strong like a hero? Why couldn’t he save her? These were the thoughts running through his head but he knew he had to try.
“HEY DIRTBAG!” Travis said as he came out of hiding.
“Let go of her! NOW!” Travis said trying to sound intimidating.
Skid and Mike looked at the man who was standing up to them. Skid shot some spikes from his hand into the phone and stepped closer to Naomi. He gripped her in his arms and smiled at the hero.
“Mike. I’ll hold our little job here take care of Wonder boy here.” Skid said as held onto Naomi.
“Right. But don’t kill her till I get a crack at her.” Mike said as his muscles had expanded to near monster size.
“Oh I love doing this Skid. Too bad it ends so fast.” Mike said in a now deep rasping voice.
Mike charged towards Travis screaming. Travis concentrated his magic on a shield in order to stop the charging behemoth. As Mike got closer he fell back hard as if he had just run into a lead wall. Struggling to get up Mike rubbed his head and looked at Travis.
“Mike!! What the hell was that?!?!” Skid shouted as Naomi panicked in his arms.
“I don’t know it was like I ran into a wall! MY DAMN HEAD!” Mike said as he stood up.
Travis smiled and concentrated on a making his fists feel like cement blocks. He looked at Mike and ran towards him. Mike shaking off his fall ran towards Travis more angry than comfortable at this point. Travis punched him in the face and sent him flying across the room, landing on the coach and snapping it in two.

The Druid didn’t like the stronghold of the order and really missed Ireland. He knew that this was a very important mission and that was the reason the rest of the New Order showed up. The infinity sphere was perhaps the most dangerous of any object that the Old Order ever discovered. His mind wandered as he stared out the window and watched the birds fly. He knew that the other members knew what to do now that the stronghold had been secured, but the one thing he didn’t like was that of Geoid, a magician who was an expert in a form of Geomancy. He was obsessed with gems and jewellery, but his talents were incredible. The man could drain power from a gem and make it into a form of energy, as well as controlling the earth at ones feet. But that was nothing compared to the Alchemist. He looked over at the priestess and the Alchemist wondered what they were talking about. His mind then thought about just how much, but at the same time how little, he knew about everyone from the Order.

His partner the priestess had powerful magic; unfortunately her power’s were only for healing purposes. Her gauntlets only serve to heal and not to harm. While this is a very useful power to have in battle for her allies, she was also very dangerous in hand to hand combat. She received her gauntlets after she trained with man in Japan in the art of Reiki. For four years she trained with this elderly master in a dojo isolated from any other human contact. After she mastered her training, her Master Shang Kiw, handed her the gauntlets and sent her back to America. There she met the Alchemist and joined the new Order.

The Alchemist never talks a lot about his life before he became who he is. He was once the greatest alchemist of ancient Italy and was hired by the pope to create that of which should never be created. If he had only knew that then, maybe he would have been able to create it and still be alive today. To be dead, that is where the Alchemist believed he truly belonged. The Alchemist was ordered to make a philosophers stone in order to make the whole world see the power of Italy. The philosopher’s stone was a power source that could do almost anything, change lead to gold, repair that which had been broken permanently, or even grant immortality. His family came in as he was putting the finishing touches to what he thought would be the stone but he didn’t know what the stone really was. An explosion occurred and when he woke up he felt something in his body, he felt the philosopher’s stone in his chest and his wife and child were nothing but charred corpses. He was unable to pull the gem from his chest and was considered a criminal. He was put to death and hung in the square of Rome, but he didn’t die. They slit his throat, he didn’t die. He healed and realised he was immortal. He had gained increased magical abilities and along with immortality came eternal youth. He spent the years following travelling the world and watching as men of greed rose to power and nearly destroyed the people that worshiped them. He mastered plenty of languages so he could learn more about different cultures. He then decided midway through the 20th century to bring together magicians and try and revive an old Order that he only ever heard of in legend.

Sight was perhaps the only member The Druid didn’t agree with. She was only a teenager but the Alchemist insisted that she was vital to the team, but how she wasn’t a fighter or a healer, hell her powers were only sensing strong waves of magic and on occasion seeing the future. While The Druid could see why her power’s would come in handy in the battle against those who use magic for evil, but the fact still remained she would see plenty of death in her time here. Was it really worth ruining her innocence just to get a step ahead of their enemies? She was born with those powers but the Alchemist unlocked them, so she could use them. She liked to hang out with The Druid and see all aspects of nature which the Druid drew power from. Her real name was Lucy and she was originally from Canada. She once told him she wanted to be a vet when she got older, but he wondered would she make it to veterinary school.

“Druid!! I’m sensing a strong magic aura erupting from Spiral City.” Sight said.
“We checked there. The only one that we found there was Morgan Toten and she searching for some fella for her own needs.” Druid said as he looked out the window.
“No it’s stronger than that. It’s more concentrated than Ms. Toten’s. I’m getting orders that we have to check it out.” The Alchemist said.
“Fine get us there” The Druid said as he turned to look at the other magicians.
“Don’t screw this up Druid!” Geoid said in a cold manner.

Skid looked as his friend was tossed around like he was nothing. He gripped Naomi tight and started to panic. Skid looked around and threw the women at the man that looked like he was going to break Skid in two. He ran for the door and suddenly saw that he wasn’t getting any closer. Looking down he saw he was levitating in the air. For a moment he almost remembered what was so familiar about this man.
“What are you!?!” Skid said as he floated.
Skid hit the wall and felt his body break. Travis looked at the men’s faces and remembered these men from two years ago. So there was the chance that he could have no secret identity because the men had seen his face. Naomi was in shock as she was not aware whether this reality or a dream. It was time for answers. As she opened her mouth a flash of light appeared and she was blinded. Travis saw three human shaped shadows in the blinding light before it faded.