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Enter the Mystic (Part 5) – The Reappearing Act

It had not been a few months since he stepped into the magician’s realm and trained his skills; it had been two years and now from what he could see the city had changed. In shock of what he had just discovered he sat down on a bench. What was he to do? He wanted to go home but what if home was gone? He put his head between his lap and started thinking. He decided he’d ring up his landlord to see if his place was still there. “Hello?” came a strange woman’s voice. “Um Hi is this The Alo Apartments?” Travis said. “I’m sorry that place burned down last year during a horrible accident” said the women on the other line. Thinking about all his belongings probably being thrown out a month after he didn’t pay the rent so he hung up. Realising he probably had none he could call then it hit him. Naomi West. He dialled her number and waited for an answer. “Hello” she said sounding exhausted. “Um hi Naomi…Remember me?” Travis said nervously hoping that paper was a fake. “TRAVIS?! OH MY GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE… YOU HAVE SOME DAMN NERVE GOING AWAY FOR TWO DAMN YEARS AND NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD!!!Where have you been?” Naomi said in anger and relief. “Look Ill come over and we can talk about it ok?” Travis said as he knew he was dealing with a hysterical woman at the moment. “That’s fine” she said as Travis hung up. What was he gonna tell her he wondered. He looked at his cloths and decided he would need some new cloths if he hoped to pass as a pedestrian.
He walked into a suit shop and looked around. The clerk came over and asked “Is sir sure sir has the money for these kinds of suits?” Pulling out a few hundred dollar bills he had materialised in his pocket. Leaving with a suit he hailed a taxi and got it to drive him to Naomi’s apartment in the city centre
The taxi ride was weird to say the least, he started thinking of what he was gonna say to Naomi , his parents and his daughter if she was God forbid still alive in this city? “This city’s really going to hell huh?” said the driver. “Really?” Travis said questioning the driver’s logic. “Where the hell have you been bud? Don’t you watch the news?” the driver replied trying to seem smarter than he really was. Thinking on his feet Travis gave the only excuse he could think of to explain his lack of information and appearance. “I have….been in a coma for the last two years so I’m kind of lost when it comes to recent activities” Travis said to the driver as they turned the corner.”Wow sorry sir well here I can tell you what I know. About a year and a half ago some government types really took interest in this city and sent a special team of soldiers to sort it all out. Little did they know that the mob now owned it since Mayor Victor Belial was elected. Its worse that people seem to put on the fake smiles saying oh no we are fine here. But hell what can ya do about it aye?” The driver did in fact know a fair bit about what was going on in this damn city.”Well here we are sir” The driver said as they finally reached Naomi’s house. Paying the driver and picking up his suit he stepped out of the car and walked towards the door.

A feeling of arousal went down Morgan Totens spine and shivers now embraced her. What was this feeling she wondered as she dropped the man she was getting information from. Since she arrived a year ago she had changed considerably but her main goal was not dead yet. She was searching for her other half, the man who now controlled her rings counterpart. She had the ring of Morgan le Fay, had mastered it within a day and had come to this scum pit of a city so she could find the man who had Merlin’s amulet. Since her arrival, however, the city has become more habitable and it was thanks to the corrupt mayor and her boss Mayor Belial. It was funny he was nothing but a low time gang boss when she found him and his men, well one had shards of metal in his hand which he blamed on some freak in a ski mask. She had been advanced on by Victor before but every time he got close to her or he tried anything she would make sure he learned his lesson. She had also improved his gang since he had gotten into power. Skid, who in fact was the name of the man with metal in his hand, had now a hand that if he chooses to use could release spikes made of metal from it. Mike was the biggest of the three thugs and Morgan decided to give him the power of enhanced strength, not that he needed it of course. Larry who was the brains of the three and the most perverse was given a different power. He was capable of sensing those around him hiding or not and tell his friends where they were. This made leaving no witness’s his specialty along with torture. Thinking of this got Morgan off her train of thought and she then realised, what if this was a sign that the one close to Merlin had returned to the city? This thought made her giddy with anticipation of what he was like and would he live up to the legends of Merlin’s power. If he didn’t meet her required expectations, well he was dead pure and simple.

Walking up to the door was the hardest thing Travis ever had to do. He hoped he could rebuild what he had and take on this new reasonability of being a Magician. Knocking on the door once, he breathed, but none answered. He knocked again and this time Naomi answered in a towel and not looking happy. “So the prodigal son returns and man does he have a lot of explaining to do” Naomi said as Travis stepped in. “I’m glad boundaries still mean nothing to you Naomi” Travis said. “Oh they mean something but see this idiot who disappeared two years ago decided to show up and …oh how would he put it? GUNK UP THE WORKS?” Naomi said in anger before running over to hug him. Travis felt her tears running down his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder.”I’m sorry Travis it’s just been madness since you left. And I missed you ya big dummy” Naomi said in one of the saddest displays Travis had ever seen. “Auntie Naomi?”A small voice said from the corner of the room. Travis turned around and saw the innocent little face that was his Daughter. “Candace!!!”