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Enter the Mystic (Part four)-Training and the ring of Le Fay
After getting a cab home Travis wished he knew more about these items and if it was possible to contact Merlin and Harry again. The pain in his leg had died down a bit and now he was able to use the amulet again. Then a thought came to his head, perhaps he could heal his own wounds. There was only one way to find out. Placing his hands on his wounded leg he concentrated on the wound and healing it. He felt a tingling sensation in his leg as the wounds began to heal. Just as the wound was about to close the phone rang and his concentration was broken. His wounds suddenly bolted back open causing him to scream intensely. He answered the phone gasping in pain “Hello?” The woman on the other side was Naomi a work mate of his and one of the best journalists in the city. “Hey there buddy what’s shaking over there?” Naomi said in a manner both confusing and entertaining Travis. “What’s shaking? What are you from the 90s?”Travis said trying to mask his pain. “No I’m just checking to see if you’re up for tomorrow. I hope you can make it.” Naomi said. “I’ll do my best here. I’m kinda busy at the moment so ill talk to you later” He said griping his leg. “Ok Travis Talk to you later” She said hanging up. Screaming once more he gripped his leg and tried to concentrate hard to heal it. Straining himself he felt a slight tingle and the pain started to leave. This allowed him to concentrate on the leg rather than the pain and as a result the wound quickly healed up. He suddenly felt a rush of power surround him.

“Well, well, well looks like someone’s finally got around to using our powers Harry” Merlin said. When Travis opened his eyes he saw he was surrounded by what looked like space. Stars shone with a beautiful brightness and planets that looked like nothing he had ever seen before. It was amazing and in the centre standing next to a green sun was Merlin and Harry. “Hey guys I…” Travis said. “Need our Help and we will be glad to train you.” Harry said while checking his pocket watch. “Thanks…I think.” Travis said confused. “Harry’s Training will come before mine as his is not as dangerous.” Merlin said smiling. And with that Merlin and the world around Travis disappeared and suddenly he was in a void of white with nothing around him but endless white. Houdini suddenly appeared along a crate and began shuffling through it. Pulling out chains snapped his fingers and suddenly the chains were wrapped around Travis. “Escape from that my dear boy” Houdini said staring at Travis. Wiggling and struggling he attempted to escape his trap. Suddenly he was free at Houdini’s order. “The only rule of this skill is you cannot let fear or panic consume you.” Houdini said. Within the next few days Travis learned all the tricks he could about Escapology and how he could use it with the bracers. He learned the art of contortionism and enterology which would help him widen his escape routes. There came the point where Travis could catch a bullet with his teeth. “For the final test of your skill you must be able to escape the ultimate death trap.” Houdini said smiling. All of a sudden chains wrapped around him and broke his legs. Hanging him upside down he was suddenly surrounded by four glass walls with spikes on them closing in. Water and sand began flowing in from the top of the chamber and he also realised that he was not only wrapped in chains but in a straight jacket. “While you hang there in pain and looking like a fool, you have but 10 minutes to escape and survive this trap before the walls close in and 5 minutes before the water gets to your head if u continues to hang there. Better Hurry.” Houdini said in a rather sadistic fashion. Using his skills he wiggled out of the chains and fell hard to the floor. Upon hitting the ground he got a mouthful of water and sand and for a split second he allowed fear to overcome his mind and he panicked. Pushing himself up he spat the sand out of his mouth and saw the walls were closing in. He calmed down and wiggled over to the wall, while at the same time panic was still consuming him. He used the spikes on the wall to cut away at the jacket but was slowly getting stabbed as the spikes got closer to each other. Suddenly the jacket broke and his arms were free. He started to climb the spikes lifting all his body weight and as the spikes got closer he reached the top and then lost strength and fell down. Quickly he started climbing again the walls were getting closer and closer. His exhausted body was bruised and he could feel the spikes cutting his back. He hauled himself up at the last second as the walls snapped shut. “Bravo! Bravo!” Houdini said clapping. “That’s all I can teach you my boy.” Houdini said as Travis felt his broken bones heal. “Good Luck with Merlin, you’re gonna need it.” Houdini said while checking out his pocket watch.

Across the world in England a women was at the edge of a lake near London. The Lady was Lilly Morgan Toten a girl who had just recently lost everyone dear to her and needed someone to be there for her. A ring suddenly shone in the lake and Lilly saw it as some sort of item of luck. It was so pretty and had a huge jewel in it. She took it out and cleaned it. “Someone threw you away too huh? Well I won’t ever do that to you” She said while she put the ring on. All of a sudden green mist surrounded her and a woman was standing in front of her. “I am Morgan le Fay and I believe me and you shall become good associates” the lady said with a dark smile on her face.

Merlin was waiting for him and as soon as Travis arrived in the space like area, he was greeted with a lightning bolt to the chest. “Defend Yourself!!” Merlin screamed at Travis. “Use this world as you would use my amulet the affects are the same” Merlin said as he fired another lightning bolt. This time Travis was prepared and concentrated on a shield to defend himself. It worked but he was running across the space while Merlin shot bolts of energy at him. Every Bolt of energy that Travis shot was blocked by Merlin and nothing Travis could do was good enough. Concentrating on the shield again he reflected the bolt back and shot one of his own. One hit him and Merlin was not amused. Suddenly Travis was trapped in a bubble. “Lucky shot young one but never let your guard down” Merlin said. The Oxygen in the bubble started to drain and Travis Fell unconscious. When he awoke he was greeted by an angry Merlin. “Boy Meditate and when you have gained some sort of connection with the magic inside you, maybe then we can continue.” Merlin said. With that Travis began to meditate on his magic.

Morgan Toten was born that day and she had a mission. She was to find her other half, the one with the amulet of Merlin and make him join her. But first she had to gain all the power Morgan had lost before her final confrontation with Merlin. If what Morgan had told Lilly was true she would have a bond with this new Merlin. She travelled to Stonehenge and put the ring in the centre of it. The ring began to glow a bright blue colour and it floated above the air. It was almost like Lilly was drawn to it. It was here that Lilly stopped being called Lilly and took the name Morgan. She felt Power run through her and knew now that her destiny was in SpiralCity.

Merlin and Travis were ready for their final confrontation after days of meditating. The fight went very much like the first one, following the same actions as they had before. “HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING YOU FOOL!!?” Merlin said as Travis was once again in the airless bubble. The bubble suddenly burst and Travis was suddenly glowing. He shot at the ground and smoke flew up from it. “Are you trying to hide from me you coward?” Merlin said illuminating himself so as not to be attacked by surprise. “I am the greatest magician that ever lived and what are you? Some fool that found my amulet. A MONKEY WOULD BE BETTER TO HAVE IT!!” Merlin said with anger in his voice. Then out of the smoke jumped Travis and Merlin threw him to the ground. “Did you really think I was that easy to beat?” Merlin said. The young man struggled under the power Merlin was pushing down on him. Merlin was using a gravity spell to hold down his apprentice. “This spell can crush your bones and make you no better than a slug” Merlin said. Then out from behind him he was grabbed and a bolt of magic was sent through his body. “WHAT IN CAMELOT?!” Merlin said in pain knowing he had lost. “I used my magic to make a double of myself to distract you while I came up from behind” Travis said. “Smart boy. Congratulations on completing the training” Merlin said as Harry came out of a bright white portal. “That was it? You have nothing left to teach me? I am finished learning?”Travis asked. “No. You will have nothing left to learn when you are dead in the ground.” Harry said as he looked at his watch. “We will always have something to teach you, but at least now you are no longer a novice.” Merlin said. “So what happens if I need you guys?” Travis asked. “If you ever need us say these words ‘Malefici desidero opem’ and your mind will be teleported here.” explained Merlin. And suddenly the magicians faded away.

He had reappeared at the city’s park. He was shocked to see the amount of policemen around the park. Something was different but how much could have changed within a month. Looking at the ground he saw the date. It had been over two years since he left and he was not aware of the evils that he was about to face.