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Enter the Mystic (Part Three)-The Burning Building Escape Act
Waking up in a warehouse was not how Travis thought this night would end, hell he didn’t think that his life would end right after he got a superpower. The pain was already causing him to regret the decision he made to come out and be a hero. He then noticed not only was he tied up but his mask and amulet was on the desk but his assailants were staring at him and looking at the amulet. “How the hell does this thing work?” said the small guy who now had a bandage on his hand. “What about those bracelets?” said the guy who had the dumbest expression on his face that Travis had ever seen? “Forget that why don’t we just kill him?!” said the original thug. As he looked to his left Travis saw the woman who was chased down in the alley. As he thought this his eyes suddenly went pale and he saw something. What he saw was the whole room lost colour it was all white but one thing. As he looked behind him he saw a piece of metal sticking out glowing red, not only was it sharp but small enough to actually not be noticeable by those idiots. Without the amulet however he would have to find another way to take them out. “Let’s just burn the damn place down! The amulet ain’t worth crap!!” said the guy with the bandages on his hand. As they sprayed gasoline around the warehouse Travis got a better look at his fellow captive. She was probably in the High School, but he wasn’t sure, hell what was she expecting coming out this late. But this wasn’t the time to judge her as the thugs had their back turned Travis wiggled closer to broken piece of metal. As the thugs covered the place in gasoline Travis began rubbing the rope against the piece of metal. The girl finally realising the seriousness of the situation started screaming and shaking and crying for them to not kill her. “Let’s get some more gas guys I think there’s some upstairs” Said the small thug. “What about these guys? We gonna leave them here alone?” said the older thug. “They aint going nowhere” Said the big thug and they left to go upstairs. Travis got up straight away and limped over to the amulet to quickly put it on. The girl started shouting and crying “Please mister I don’t wanna die, I’ll never sneak out again I promise”. The Thugs ran down as they heard her shout and quickly one of them threw a match on to the gasoline. As the place shot flames around them Travis decided to try and concentrate his magic to make stop them but the thugs ran out of the door and smoke started filling the room.

The flames were too powerful to try to put them out and this place was gonna be rubble soon. He found his ski mask and put it on in the hope that she didn’t get a good enough look of his face. He limped over to the girl and put his hands around her as he hoped this would work. He concentrated hard and saw the way out of the place and the danger that was slowly surrounding them. As the room went white and he looked around for the exit even if it wasn’t seen by the trained eye. He looked around frantically and then saw it at the right wall a window was glowing red and behind the wall was a stack of barrels someone could climb down. He had now found his way out. His leg was still in too much pain for him to concentrate to make them levitate or anything like that so he decided if he made his way out of this mess and saved the girl he would take up self defence classes. He untied the girl, lifted her up and limped through the fire getting burned on the way to the window. As he got there he climbed the crates with her following behind him, them both frantically coughing as the smoke was getting thicker and the flames were rising. He kicked and broke the glass of the window with his foot and shouted Jesus Christ due to the fact that now not only was there a stab wound in his right leg but there was glass punctured into his left leg. “Get out of here!!” Travis said to her. “Are you going to be ok mister?” she asked nervously. “I’ll follow you just GO God damn IT!!”He snapped back at her. She slowly climbed out and slowly stepped on the top barrel. As she climbed down he followed her bleeding allot and almost passing out half way. When they reached the ground he and her both moved quickly to a safe distance.

She stared at him as he rolled up his pants leg and began picking glass out of his leg. Wiping the tears from her eyes she said “So are you some kind of Super Hero?” “Ya I think so.UGH!!” He said as he pulled the glass out of his leg. She leaned over, pulled up his mask and kissed him. “Then the hero gets the kiss don’t they” she said smiling. Then blushing she said “Could you walk me home?”He decided he might as well walk her home so he could make sure she was going to be ok. As they walked he heard all about why she was out so late and how happy she was to have been saved by him. Apparently she was planning to go to some party but got last, after asking for some directions she was chased down the alleyway by the mad man. As he listened he knew he had to become a hero for more reasons than one her being alive and happy made him feel a lot better and watching her go into her house just made it sweeter.