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In the interest of weirdness, I’m recreating my first post on the old forums. Warning, these characters are old. Really old.

Original text begins here:

The first image is of my roleplaying character, Dorcas the Sorceress. She was actually pretty fun to play. As for the name, it was the only one I could think of when I was gen-ing.


Next, is a character I made in 2.5. She doesn’t really have any story behind her, but I really like the expression. She looks like she’s just been thrown into a situation that is way over her head. And I want those shoes.


Third, I have an expiriment with posing. I’m not sure how well it turned turned out. Let me know what you think.


Fourth, is an original character of mine. She is a genetically engineered freak who is part snake and is currently posing as a goddess. I’m not sure if I like the scales. I’ll probably post more pictures of this character later.


Finally, we have a character I made for the fighter contest but was too chicken to enter. Sorry that he’s sideways. No, this is not the first male character I made, just the first that I want to share. I’m really proud of his pose and that mask was really hard to make.


Original text ends

So that was my first batch of characters. It is really interesting to look back and see how your way of thinking about a character has changed. For example, I decided to keep the scales and later images of the character are also green and bald. And I’m still really proud of Touche. Shame he’s still sideways, but that’s the way I made him.

Anyway, enjoy.