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The most dangerous vampires are those who don’t know they’re vampires

This is an old one. But one I still enjoy. I remember having way too much fun with the bloodstains in the second pic. I think I made them for a Halloween contest, but I can’t remember.

Old text begins here:

Nora Jones is a communication major at State University. She goes to class every day and is well liked by her classmates. She is an ordinary college student. At least she was until she received a blood transfusion. She can’t stand bright light and she started getting strange cravings for some kind of metal? She doesn’t really know what for. But lately, she’s been blacking out and waking up covered in blood. She knows that something weird is going on but doesn’t know what to do about because she doesn’t want to incriminate herself by asking suspicious questions.

The police are investigating a series of five assaults that have occurred near the campus of State University. What makes these attacks interesting is that the assailant, which the police have dubbed “The Vamp,” viciously bites her victims, usually going for the wrist or the neck. All of the victims survived, but with severe blood loss. She is described as having blue eyes, brown hair, and very sharp teeth. The picture accompanying this article is an artistic rendering by one of the victims. If you have any information, please contact the State University Campus Police.