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Silver Knight

Real Name: Nigel Fisher
Powers/Abilities: Acute Senses, Skilled Fencer, Skilled Hacker, Genius Level Intelligence
Gear: Sabre, Cloth Armor, Microcomputer Interface Watch
Genre: Superhero
Affiliation: Order of the Griffin

Nigel has always been perceptive, indeed, overly so, but the idea of becoming a superhero didn’t occur to him until he met other people with unusual abilities. Then he immediately started pestering them to form a superhero team. His friends didn’t follow his advice until years later after they accidentally created a supervillian (the scars on his face are from an early altercation with said supervillian). That was the beginnings of the Order of the Griffin.
While he is probably the least powerful member of the team, he is one of their best when it comes to physical combat. He is also the most dedicated, having put in extra time and effort to set up the team’s secure communications network.
All of Nigel’s senses run on overdrive. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. His suit is specially designed to keep tactile distractions to a minimum and he wears glasses because he is very farsighted.