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When the contests were briefly cancelled on the blog, I felt as though the heart of HM had been ripped away. Then when they started showing up in these forums I entered them like a madman. After looking through my most recent posts and those pieces currently under construction, I realized that most of this work had one purpose – to compete with other users, or more precisely. to beat them. So as of today, I am taking the joy back. There is currently one forum contest that truly interests me, and I will compete in the blog contests if I think I have something unique to say, but either way this thread is now all about creativity. If a contest was held today to submit your best work, mine would be the t-rex. It took four days on and off and it wasn’t for a contest. There is not one piece done for a contest that even begins to approach the level of satisfation or pride I felt when the t-rex was complete. Actually robot fish comes close. So you will see my name a lot less often, but I will still stick my oar in from time to time. The Pop Quizzes will also take on a new life, challenging your creativity with topics from the sublime to the ridiculous. Quiz is just another word for test afterall, so prepare to be tested.