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@Legatus said:

Dear Djuby,

you have gone far beyond the challenges and pop quizzes. You are one of the most brilliant minds ever to use HM3 and such a great inspiration. Thank you for that!

That’s very kind, but being the competetive jerk that I am, the challenges and quizzes were the main source of inspiration for me. There are a few contests running in the forums – dblades in particular – that are pretty cool, but some of the redesign contests are so restrictive they might as well be called “redraw” contests. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them are great, but give me a name and a superpower or skill and cut me loose. I don’t even want to know the gender of the original version. I guess time will tell if there is enough content within these pages to keep me inspired now that the main source has been eliminated.