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This is my first post, so i think I shall celebrate with a cold drink! This took me A LOT longer than I thought it would, but in my opinion, the result was definitely worth the effort. The background took the longest, mostly because i got the idea from a dream I had, and my memory of it was fuzzy….
This character is one of my favorite. I’ve hand-drawn her numerous times, but I’ve never had anywhere to put her. But, enough of that! CHARACTER BIO!

Alfeya’s Race and Planet:
Alfeya’s homeworld, Za’el, was originally thought to be an uninhabitable planet due to its intense gravity, unpredictable and harsh weather, the unforgiving heat, and its surface geography (which contains a large amount of active volcanoes). The planet is, in reality, the home of 40 million human-like inhabitants.
Alfeya is from an alien race that is similar to Amazons, but with a few differences:
There ARE men (and quite a bit of them).
Their culture has influence (and decendants) from Egyptian, Libyan, Persian, Roman, and Eastern cultures.
Some members of this race have elemental or magical powers, and posses strength that is on par with Hercules (like Alfeya).
This race has a MUCH higher understanding of technology (think “Thanagarian” level)
Some members know how to manipulate their “aura” to gain the ability of interstellar flight without the aid of technology.

Occupation: Daughter of the Council (“princess” in fancy speak), Spy
Powers: She has a lot, so I’ll only list the basics.
Solar Manipulation: She has the ability to generate any kind of solar radiation that she chooses.
Advanced Pyrokinesis: She can generate and control fire. This is not limited to fire that only she has created. She can change the intensity of her flames as well.
Aura Manipulation/Reading: Her aura can read the “energy” emitted by her opponents, understanding their strength level. If concentrated, she can actually use this info to boost her strength and speed. There are some drawbacks because it takes A LOT of time to finish reading auras. In fact, this technique is barely practical since she can normally rely on her agility and wits if fighting against a stronger opponent.
Basic Regeneration
Basic Healing Spells
Fighting Style: She’s basically an Egyptian kunoichi, although she has also learned multiple techniques from the Phoenix, an advanced intelligence created by Za’el’s top scientists. The Phoenix disappeared shortly after its creation, appearing in strange locations and disappearing again (defiant little fella). Alfeya found it in her childhood, and grew attached to it, so imagine her grief when it ended up destroyed by a massive amount of radiation (long story).