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Dionne Jinn

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Thanks guys. I actually wanted to put Kill Bird up for Critique day (weekend, what-ever), but because it was something out of a contest, I assumed that was not allowed. Jeff never allowed on going contest images on OCDs, if I remember correctly.

I’m okay with it being on OCD if it is in a contest, but people need to remember that posting a contest entry all over the place does not mean you have a better chance of winning the contest. There for a while some people would double or triple post their characters on the contest thinking it would help them, but Jeff put a stop to it and told them that it wouldn’t help their odds of winner but it could hurt their odds. Just don’t enter the same character in more then one contest. And don’t use the blog as a gallery, if you think the character is good enough that you entered it in a contest or posted it as a gift for someone in the forum, then it really shouldn’t be put in OCD. OCD is for getting help with you character, not for grandstanding.

Okay. That clears it. I wasn’t about to post the original “only the ship with only head and shoulder pieces” picture to OCD anyway, but the later version with background and everything.