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Dionne Jinn

After yet another longish disappearance…

A picture of an old rpg character of mine called Soleene. Half-elf druid. She and the rest of our party suffered a nasty destiny when we raided an goblin cave… Everyone except our halfling and Soleene’s wolf animal companion died. Her favourite comment to others was “Wolves keep no names”, which she always said when one of the others tried to name her animal companion (and that happened all the time!)

Her father was an elf (there was curiously many half-elves born in the village around the same time, which was a running joke among the players), who had a short relationship with her mother, who was married to another (human) man. When Soleene was born it was immediately obvious she was half-elf, so her mother abandoned her into the forest as an infant. Wolves found her and took her to a druid, who was living in the area. When she grew up Soleene was more comfortable around the wolves than people, and only close person to her was her foster father and druid-master.