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Dionne Jinn

This is something I’ve wanted to do with HM3 for a long time. Finally got to try it…

There is this old Finnish song (I think it was our Eurovision song contest entry way back before I was even born, or something) I remember from very young age. It is called “Neidonryöstö” (literal translation would be something like “Abducting a Maiden”) and tells a story of two riders trying to escape. Here is my very bad attempt to translate the lyrics of the chorus, which acted as the inspiration for the following image:

“Two horses are crossing the stream
Two riders are growing tired
Maiden’s hand touches him
Silent man laughs

Two horses are crossing the stream
One way, one morning
The water splashes in the stream
Land shines in midsummer”

EDIT: Okay, if I said my translation was bad, this is even worse!

EDIT2: Here is an alternate version, with blue sky: