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Next team members:


A pair of twins discovered by the team in Central America, Yaguar and Huitzil had been in hiding deep in the jungle amidst undiscovered ruins. Their physiology retards their aging and coupled with their unwillingness to divulge their complete history, it is difficult to say how long they had been there or even how old they are. Huitzil decides to accept the team’s invitation and Yaguar follows her to keep her safe.


Bio: Naturally a much more outgoing individual than her brother, she relishes being able to explore the outside world and interact with other people. Nevertheless she defers mostly to her brother’s wishes, feeling indebted to him for having kept them alive during their long period of hiding.
Abilities: Huitzil powers embody the Spirit of the Hummingbird that empowers her. Her mind and body function at a greatly accelerated rate. Her reflexes are lightning quick and she can move her body at speeds faster than the human eye can process. She is able to manifest solid wings of harmonic energy, with which she can fly at subsonic speeds. Huitzil can also produce harmonic vibrations from her body, projecting them outwards as concussive blasts. Like her brother, Huitzil possesses a regenerative healing factor and highly advanced immune system.


Bio: Incredibly protective of his sister, prefers to keep their history secret, despite his sister’s inclination to open up to their teammates. He keeps his emotions subdued, always quiet, always guarded. He fears losing control of his instincts and having his rational mind overtaken by the Spirit of the Jaguar. Huitzil has hinted that he lost control once, but neither of them has revealed what happened.
Abilities: Yaguar is the feral embodiment of the Spirit of the Jaguar. His body is altered to a felinoid human shape and he possesses greatly enhanced strength/stamina/durability. His sensory systems are all similarly enhanced. His claws are supernaturally dense and can rend through stone and weaker metals with ease. Like his sister, Yaguar possesses a regenerative healing factor and highly advanced immune system.