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Thanks guys! I like Brujo a lot so I’m glad he resonates well with you all :D

I was reminiscing the other day, back to my high school days when I used to make up adventures about my friends and I in other-worldly situations as colorful characters with odd abilities and personality quirks, and I decided to dredge up an old concept. So indulge me, if you will.

THE INSTITUTE – The Institute is a facility, in a facility miles underground, with no records of existence anywhere. It operates outside the influence of any government, working towards only its own ends, pursuing them through whatever means necessary. The main goal of the Institute is the generation of living posthuman weapons. The staff both creates life and twists it, using a combination of illegal cloning and experimentation on sequestered individuals. The facilities are divided into three divisions, each deeper underground than the next.

Tech Division – Works on the fusion of human physiology with advanced technology, dabbling in the development of responsive artificial intelligence.

Genetics Division – Works to unlock the full potential of the human genome, altering genetic sequences and recombining DNA chains to produce posthuman mutations, as well as splicing non-human genetic material into normal genetic tissue to produce radical physical alterations.

Psy Division – Works to unlock the potential of the human mind. Sometimes combines work with the genetics division to alter the brain to make it more likely to express psy-talent.

Two characters for now:

Just… The Man
Bio: A product of the Genetics Division, The Man was grown from treated stem cells, manipulated from the moment of conception on the genetic level. Carried to term by a surrogate grizzly bear, his embryo treated with hyper-androgens and given a healthy regimen of mysostatin-blockers since puberty. When anger problems and unchecked physical growth made him hard to control, the Institute paired him with a patient from Psy Division, a reality warper, codename Bender. She would use her energies to pacify his raging emotions and manage his physiology. They formed a special bond together, and became romantically involved prior to the escape.
Abilities: The Man possesses an incredibly enhanced physiology. His strength/speed/stamina are unparalleled. Every part of his body is incredibly tough and resistant to damage. His super strong vocal chords and respiratory system also allow him to scream in sharp supersonic bursts.


Record Erased
Bio: Once a quiet young girl from Psy Division, she was experimented on at an early age and eventually her brain and nervous system were intrinsically linked to a subcutaneous quantum reality that exists and permeates our own. The magnitude of her abilities has put a strain on her sanity, and at times Bender hears strange voices and hallucinates figures that compel her to harm herself and those around her.
Abilities: Bender’s mind can breach into a quantum reality and use it to re-write the physical plane of existence however she sees fit, but only within a radius of fifteen feet to her person. She can negate the laws of physics, break atomic bonds, turn your skin to wax paper, turn your blood into fire, etc. She is limited only by her imagination.