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Thanks for the kind words guys! I haven’t had much of a chance to get some other work done, but I thought I’d add to my previous character Brujo Díaz by whipping up some quick companions for him.

These are Brujo’s partners in his quest to protect the city of Los Angeles from supernatural threats as well as in life. (Bit of an unorthodox grouping: Brujo is in a polyamorous relationship with both of them. They are sealed to each other spiritually through ancient ritual and sacrifice and together form a triumvirate marriage and coven.)

More info for those interested:

Ignacio Diaz Flores e Icaza
Bio: Nano is from a burgeoning subset of mystics known colloquially as ‘cybermages’. The ability to consciously absorb and manipulate information streams has existed since the Dark Ages, but in this modern era the magic itself is adapting to new forms of information, wireless signals, binary code, etc. When his abilities first manifested, the constant influx of data nearly drove him insane. Brujo found him in an asylum and took him in, helping him hone his abilities. They fell in love and Nano has been by his side ever since. He is the lore master of the group, with an eidetic memory and working knowledge of most supernatural creatures and ritual. Nano is not a very capable physical combatant, but will throw himself into mortal peril without hesitation in order to protect those he loves.
Abilities:Nano is able to bend information streams to his will, hacking into computer systems, learning through psychic osmosis (instantaneously realizing and retaining large volumes of information). He is able to channel magical energies, but only through ritual and in very structured and well prepared pathways. It doesn’t come effortlessly, naturally the way it does for Brujo.


Maria Elena Ixchel Diaz Garcia
Bio: Ixchel is what’s known as a sensitive. Her body and soul resonate at a frequency attuned to certain magical energies. Not enough to make her able to wield magical energies, quite the opposite in fact. Any magic that comes into contact tends to fluctuate and not function properly. This gives her a slight degree of immunity to spells, and allows her to see through illusions. Her status as a sensitive and her inability to wield magic is somewhat shameful to her family, the Garcias being a long line of sorcerers and seers. She was a childhood friend of Brujo’s, who came back into contact with him when they worked together on a case. She stuck around as a consultant and despite her initial misgivings, became the third to Brujo and Nano’s budding family. She is the enforcer of the group, hot-headed and fiercely protective.
Abilities: Ixchel’s body interferes with the resonance frequencies of various kinds of magics, giving her an immunity to a number of enchantments/spells/curses/hexes. She can also perceive beyond magic-based illusions. Her body is in top athletic form and she has trained herself as a wildly talented martial artists.