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Hey, everybody! Been a bit. I have some new ideas brewing, but haven’t had a lot of time to implement them. Keeping practice with some redesigns of my elemental team. Here’s a bunch of them.

NAGARE – Champion of the Deep (Kaito Kaneko -former Japanese pro-surferPossesses hydrokinetic abilities, can breathe underwater, highly durable body.)

ORKAAN – Champion of the Aether (Edda Vos – Dutch commercial pilot granted aerokinetic abilities, flight, enhanced sight/hearing)

JAIR – Champion of the Incandescence (Asher Agassi – former Israeli firefighter, granted pyrokinesis and an immunity to heat and flame)

MANTLE – Champion of the Firmament (Ethan Somersby – Coal miner’s son from West Virginia. Given geokinetic abilities, houses body in hulking earthen exoskeleton)

FRYSTA – Champion of the Frigid (Einar Gunnarsson – Icelandic research assistant left to die in the frozen wastes of Antarctica by his insane employer. Granted cryokinetic abilities, a frozen heart that deadens his emotions.