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Another expanded Saviors universe concept (or he could even be the start of something new)

Rodrigo Díaz Icaza Aguilar Cuarón


Bio: Brujo Diaz is a renowned mystic based in Los Angeles, part of a large network of magic-users who defend innocents against the darker forces of the craft. He is a friend and contact of Ishmerai. A Chicano born and raised in LA, Rodrigo comes from a long line of brujos, his father and grandfather having been clandestine defenders of the city back in the day. He was trained by the patriarchs of his family to carry on the title of Brujo, but his raw natural talent makes him a more skilled sorcerer than they ever were. He is the first to practice the craft out in the open. Rodrigo cares a great deal about his community and, when not pre-occupied with fighting the forces of darkness, he fights for causes of equality and social justice, a politically minded vigilante.
Abilities: Brujo Díaz is a very skilled practitioner of magic. He has natural psychometric talents and an ability to attune his perceptions to other supernatural energies, able to see things as they are, not as they appear to be. He has developed a particular subset of magic he dubs “Urban Mysticism” that allows him to commune with urban spaces. The city reveals its secrets to him, and aids him when it can. He wears shin bracers adorned with feathers, hiding rows of shells that shake with his every step. The shells are enchanted to vibrate at frequencies damaging to dark magics, causing supernatural creatures intense pain. His tattoos are ritually empowered to diffuse malevolent spells, ward off curses, and protect him from harmful intentions.

In his most powerful application of magical energy, Brujo Díaz can tap into the power of the divine, assuming aspects of various Aztec deities. The specific skills and deity he summons depends on the day according to the Aztec Calendar on which he invokes them.

He also has an established familiar in the form of a hyper-intelligent crow, dubbed José Cuervo. He shares a telepathic link with the bird, as it soars through the cityscape keeping him updated on its happenings.