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Thanks everybody! Always love your feedback.

Rounding out with the remaining four members of the team, I gave Elementa a bit of a character overhaul (mainly because I love that specific companion item so much, and hey superhero teams could always use more woman minorities)


Rosemary Marsden
Identity: homosexual, cisgender woman
Abilities: Psionic manipulation of the four classical elements, water, earth, air, fire. She can generate fire from ambient atmospheric particles and take moisture from the air to form water, but can only control earth and air in existing quantities in her immediate environment. She can fly by riding air currents and absorb vitality from the planet itself to heal herself.


Harold Ubovic
Identity: homosexual, cisgender man
Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability drawn from the ursine deity he sponsors. Accelerated healing that regenerates damage tissue and slows aging. His senses of sight/hearing/smell/taste are enhanced to far higher sensitivity than those baseline humans. He can grow claws and fangs and has the capacity to fully shift into a bear-form, but avoids doing so because of the feral nature that overtakes his rational mind.


Abigail Abernathy
Identity: hetero-romantic asexual, cisgender woman
Abilties: Projection of powerful waves of telepathic static. These ‘thoughtcasts’ overwhelm a target’s higher brain function, impeding their ability to think rationally. Prolonged exposure can even cause a victim’s mind to shut down.


Identity: pansexual, male-bodied humanoid
Abilities: He is a living conduit for the extra-dimensional energy that empowered his ‘fathers’. He can apply the energy in various ways: reinforce his physical attributes, granting him temporary invulnerability; channel the energy through inorganic materials in explosive bursts; create astral constructs that can seal away a piece of a person’s mind (a memory, a personality trait, an emotional tie, anything)