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Thanks guys! I’m kind of in the mood to make some more villains. Remember young Almanac from my Saviors team? He had some unsavory parents…


Tyler Abrams (Almanac)’s abusive parents, having escaped custody from their jailers, track their son down hoping to harvest his brain tissue and incorporate the successful results of their experiments on him into their own bodies. They’ve drastically altered their own bodies to enhance themselves in order to better accomplish this goal. Arthur Abrams has replaced a large percentage of his body with a more rudimentary form of his son’s advanced biotech systems. He possesses enhanced strength/durability, weapons systems, and an impressive array of sensory apparatuses. Moira Abrams has dosed herself on mutagenic cocktails and tailored her DNA to be more susceptible to genetic alteration. Her gauntlets flood her body with mutagenic chemicals, but limit the phenotypic expression of any changes to her hands/forearms, allowing her to temporarily shift her limbs into more useful forms.