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Continuing on with the Latino superteam concept.

Here’s the main antagonist of this whole story.

Bio: The legendary figure of La Malinche, a young Aztec woman said to be instrumental in the downfall of the ancient Aztec empire in her aiding of the invaders and her relationship with Hernán Cortés. In their dying act, the high priests of the royal family cursed her with their most powerful magic, giving her all-enduring, unending life, but with constant crippling pain and an inability to withstand even the smallest amount of light. They took her and sealed her deep within the Pyramid of the Sun, infusing it with the Great Light, reflecting by the Sacred Mirror to contain her therein. But, over the centuries spent among the shadows, Malintzin learned their songs, their prayers, and made contact with dark primordial forces, becoming a vessel for power greater than the sorcerers who condemned her. Still, she was contained and despite her power, could not overcome her curse.
The priests foresaw this end and condemned Malintzin’s sister by association. The young girl was given power, tapped into the earth itself, and made immortal, tasked to safeguard her sister’s prison. This young girl would forget her own name over the centuries, taking the title Yaotl. She had guarded Malintzin’s tomb for centuries without fail until the fated night when Luz and Guillermo Garcia would stumble into the pyramid, removing the Great Light and the Sacred Mirror, allowing La Malinche to emerge. Now she makes her way North, following the siblings with death in her wake. She has designs for both of them. Terrible designs.
Abilities: La Malinche wields the Primordial Darkness, the void that was before creation. Her shadow can extend itself and manipulate the world around her. She can infuse a portion of these shadows with her will, sending them out as loyal soldiers to do her bidding. La Malinche’s greatest weakness is the light, and so she remains cloaked at all times, to diffuse her exposure.

And an example of the kind of shadow being that she is able to summon: