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Thanks for the praise, everybody! Here’s the last two members (with a redesign for Guapo, since I had a new angle going for him when I started developing his powers/origin)

Rosita Lopez
Bio: Rosita is a transwoman living in Los Angeles. As a child, before her transition, she befriended a young man named Armando, and throughout their lives they have been inseparable. She was raised in Los Angeles by her abuela, her father never having been in the picture and her mother overdosing and passing away when Rosita was a child. As she grew Rosita began to hear thoughts of others around her, and to see things in her mind that had happened elsewhere, or that had yet to happen. Her abuela told her that this was the ‘sight’. It was part of the reason that her abuela never doubted Rosita’s transition, because the sight was a gift that passed down to the eldest women of every generation in their family. Rosita’s mother never learned to control her sight, which drove her to numb it with drugs. Her abuela did not want the same thing to happen to Rosita so she trained her in the use of the sight, turning Rosita into a powerful telepath.
Abilities: Rosita possesses telepathy, able to read and project thoughts. She can also alter memories and emotions in others, or manipulate their nervous systems to produce a stimulus response, either pain or pleasure. In addition her extrasensory perception grants her psychometry (the ability to read the memories of places/objects, and detect residual emotional impressions) and precognition (brief glimpses into the future) although her practice with these gifts is not as extensive.


Armando Acosta
Bio: Armando and Rosita had been friends since childhood. When Rosita revealed herself, Armando became her fiercest protector. Her courage inspired him to live openly himself, coming out as a gay man first to her and then to his family. Rosita accepted him whole-heartedly, but Armando’s family was not so approving. It wasn’t a violent confrontation at all, but his father made it clear that Armando was not welcome among them, and should consider all of them dead. His mother couldn’t even look at him. A devastated Armando came to live with Rosita and her abuela. They revealed their gifts to him and Armando grew very close to Rosita’s abuela. She was an exceptional healer and used her gifts to soothe his grief at the loss of his family in regular sessions. After the incident that cost Rosita’s abuela her life, Armando’s body developed psy-talents of its own, and he joined Rosita in her efforts to make their city a safer place for all of its inhabitants.
Abilities: Telekinetic super-strength and durability. Armando can reinforce his bodily tissues with telekinetic energy, surrounding himself with a skintight field that protects him from harm, and reinforcing his muscle and skeletal tissues to give him super-strength. Thus far he has been unable to project his TK energy outside of his own body.


And just a bit on their current events and how they fit into the story:

Armando had been living in the Lopez household for a few years when it happened. An intruder, an ordinary thief, had broken into the house to steal whatever he could grab. Armando happened to be awake and startled him. Without thinking the intruder fired off several rounds, hitting Armando in the chest. Rosita rushed downstairs to find Armando bleeding to death. In her rage and grief she lashed out at the intruder and erased his mind, falling into a catatonic state at this powerful use of her abilities. Abuela Lopez used the full extent of her ‘sight’, infusing Armando’s body with psychic energy and replenishing his body with her own life-force. Armando was fine, but Abuela Lopez had expended too much energy. She lingered for a few days, imparting the last of her knowledge and expertise on the ‘sight’ and begging them not to feel guilt. Her time had come.

After she died, Rosita couldn’t bear to live in that house anymore, her psychometry constantly triggering memories for her. Armando’s resuscitation had unintended side effects, Abuela Lopez’s life energy and the psychic force she infused his body with had unlocked his latent psy-potential, and given him telekinetically reinforced strength and durability. Rosita and Armando decided to open up an investigative practice, working as private investigators for hire to help the downtrodden and oppressed in their city. They rented out a building in East LA. They had barely settled in when Rosita had a premonition. A brother and sister were coming to Los Angeles from the south, and they were bringing a terrible evil with them…