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Thanks, HK!

Ok, now that I have some time to breathe, let’s get started on that group shot and it’s individual members. The idea was to have a superteam of young people wholly comprise of Latino individuals. I am Mexican myself and thought it would be nice to see some people actually from there as superheroes. Here goes:


Maria Alvarez
Bio: She was human once. A shy young girl from a nameless border town who fell in love with a charming traveler, an American, and left with him. Away from her homeland, her family, he revealed himself as the monster he truly was. She was with child when his drunken rage finally killed her. Her spirit attempted to cross over, but encountered an older being, an ancient maternal divinity that thirsted for vengeance, for Maria’s suffering, for her child. This entity resurrected Maria as the undead embodiment of feminine justice. Her husband was found the next day, his heart stopped and a look of pure terror on his face…
Abilities: She exists as a spectral being, as a protoplasmic mist. In this state she is intangible and can phase through solid matter, however she is able to will herself to a semi-corporeal solid state for brief moments. Her presence lowers the surrounding temperature and disrupts surveillance equipment. Her main weapon is a sonic scream that causes intense terror in whoever hears it, to the point of throwing them into cardiac arrest.