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Been a little bit. Here’s the villain for my poor beleaguered Walker family.

WALKER (active/inactive)



He was once the patriarch of the Walker clan, but as he aged and came to the end of his long life he grew afraid. His body’s strength was failing. He couldn’t shift, barely managing to leave his bed most days. His grandson’s marriage to Moira Ensin gave him a way out. In his months of convalescence, he focused his shift inwards, learning control of his body in a degree never before achieved by a Walker. He learned that he could absorb the physical vitality of members of his bloodline, add their strength to his own. He absorbed or killed every member of his family, using his great-grandchildren as bargaining chips to force Moira to anoint him with the most powerful seals. He subsequently eradicated the Ensins, but was sealed in a fluctuating moment of space-time by Moira and her mother. It was more than a decade before he could claw his way out. Something catastrophic had happened to the the universe, a dimension-spanning cataclysm that broke down the walls of space-time for a brief moment. Long enough for Walker to escape. Cut off from his once godlike abilities, Walker seeks out people empowered by magic, the divine, to absorb their energies into his seals and reclaim his godhood.

At the height of his abilities, Walker possessed the physical vitality of his entire family, giving him immense strength/durability. His seals are of the most powerful order of the Ensins, the Shapecasts. He has reality altering potential, able to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe. The central seal on his chest can absorb mystical energies to add to his own.