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Nate was born the youngest child of Moira and Nathaniel Walker, assigned female at birth and given a different name that he doesn’t care to hear repeated. He was so young when Moira transferred the mark of the Caster and its lore to him. She could feel that Nate was the next in line. The Caster was always an eligible female member of the Ensin family after all. However Nate didn’t feel like a female, and as he grew older he came to the realization that he wasn’t. Nate is transgender.

The realization came hard to his aunt. Her knowledge of the lore wasn’t extensive and she thought if Nate transitioned it might interfere with his power as Caster, in the continuation of the line. She was less than supportive to begin with, trying to change his mind, but Nate’s emotional and physical decline led her changer her approach. Allison became his strongest defender, funding and helping Nate through his physical transition.

The first moment Nate felt comfortable in his body, as a person, as a man, something inside his mind clicked. The Signs became clear to him all at once, the history and knowledge of his ancestors poured into him and the seals of the Caster appeared all over his body. He was able to perform the ritual on his siblings, empowering them with the seals of their family.

Nate never developed a strong alter, the occasional flash of a feral nature here and there, but nothing specific. It is unknown if he will later develop one or if his role as Caster has interfered permanently with his genetic talents.

As Caster, Nate has complete mastery of the signs, he has the ability to both assign and revoke seals to individuals of his bloodline. The energy of the signs permeates his body and he can manipulate it to various effects. Forceful bursts, soft glowing auras, etc.