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Haven’t been on in a little while. Hi! :)

So wouldn’t you know it I had an entire family based on mystic tattoos and MadJack has to go and add about a thousand new awesome looking tattoo items! I figured it’d be nice to give my Walker a visual update, and hey why not a slight story revamp, too?

Some background info for context:

The Walkers are a family of mystics descended from the legendary Virginia Dare. Every member of this bloodline eventually develops the ability to physically transform and embody an animal of spiritual significance. Sarah, Nathan and Samuel are the last surviving members of their bloodline.

Their father, a Walker, married a woman from another powerful mystic family, Moira Ensin. The Ensins had the mastery of the Signs, a powerful form of sigil magic with the potential to reshape reality. Each member was given a specific combination of seals that granted them a specific ability. The force that powered their seals would assign one female from every generation as the Caster of Signs, taught the mastery of all seals by the previous Caster. The Caster would assign seals to the other members of the family as they came of age. Their mother was the previous Caster.

The aged patriarch of the Walker family, coveted such power. As he grew older and enfeebled he became fearful of death. Being a powerful and well-learned shapeshifter, he found that he could absorb the physical vitality of his bloodline, draining the life force of his relatives and adding it to his own. He absorbed his entire family, killed those he could not, save for the siblings and Moira. He needed her alive, and her children as bargaining chips.

He coerced her into anointing him with the Shape Casts, the most powerful of all the seals, those that allowed control for the fundamental forces of the universe. His power was incalculable, and he wanted it all to himself. He bent space and appeared at the Ensin Compound, with siblings and their mother in tow. There began a long pitched battle between the Walker patriarch and the Ensin family. He killed them all, as he had his own family. One by one, his sheer power overwhelming even the strongest of them.

Seeing only one way of ending this, Moira marked Nathan’s forehead with the sign of the Caster, passing her knowledge into him to be awakened when he came of age, and delivered them into the care of her younger sister Allison, an elemental sign wielder. Moira’s mother bent space and delivered them far from the battlfield before joining her daughter in one last assault. Moira and her mother, a previous Caster, used their mastery of the signs to overload the Walker’s seals to the point where his power could not be contained within one dimensional plane. As he fluttered between continua they trapped him in a single frozen moment of space-time and cut him off from his power. The ensuing energy cascade vaporized everything within three miles, killing the rest of the Ensins.

The siblings were then raised by their aunt Allison, forever in hiding, moving from place to place in fear that one day their Walker patriarch would claw his way out of his dimensional prison and come for them.

SARAH WALKER (seals active, and inactive)


Oldest of the three siblings, incredibly protective of her family. Sarah’s alter is a powerful lupine form. She has incredible control of her abilities, and thus rarely ever fully shifts. Choosing instead to enhance her human physiology with partial shifts, enhancing her musculature and agility, her senses, growing fangs and claws.

Of the signs she is categorized as a Phys, like Samuel. Her seals give her superhuman speed, allowing her to move at several times the speed of sound. The seals project a silvery aura around her as she moves, protecting her from the physical stresses of high speed travel.