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One last member, of course we need a synthezoid/energy manipulator.

RESONANT (Initial Form)


Bio: His real name is in actuality a specific wavelength that emits a high-frequency sound and a multi-colored glow of soft light, but he would later give himself the name ‘Resonant’, Reso for short. He was of a race of sentient energy life-forms from a dimension long ago conquered by Pinnacle’s nemesis. Reso’s people fought hard, but were conquered. He remembers the screech of their dying wave-forms, how their consciousnesses were rent apart and their ‘corpses’ were collected. Their energies were pooled and added to his own, amplifying his wave-form. His energies powered the dimensional apparatus that the warlord used to breach into new dimensions, and his consciousness directed the ebb and flow of the breach-web, keeping all other incursion sites tethered to the main point. Every breach was agonizing, but Reso had no way to free himself.

That was until this warlord invaded our dimension, and Tyler Abrams discovered his existence. While his teammates put an end to the warlord, Tyler was able to free Reso. Finally free, Reso collapsed the multiversal nexus, closing the breach and creating a chain reaction that would seal all incursion sites and devastate the warlord’s armada across all dimensions. He meant to die with this act, but Tyler found a way to contain his form. He joined the team unofficially at first, accompanying Tyler to their new base and becoming somewhat of an assistant for him. Working with Tyler gave him the will to live after all he had been through. Eventually Tyler constructed a robotic shell that could use Reso’s energy as a power source. This physical form had super-strength, flight, and energy cannons, giving Reso the capacity to go on missions with the team as a support member.


This next part is where it gets tricky. I’ll lay all my convoluted plot in these nifty spoiler tags.
So as with all my teams/storylines/universes, I like to put an LGBT element/character in everything so here it is. Tyler and Reso had been growing increasingly close. At this time Reso was little more than a disembodied consciousness speaking through a robotic shell or whatever piece of technology he was inhabiting at the moment.

There was a night that Tyler and Reso were alone at HQ. Reso was helping Tyler with routine maintenance of the facilities while the team was off-world. It was supposed to be a quiet evening, but Tyler’s past had caught up with him. His parents, had escaped their detention center earlier that year and were desperate to find Tyler, hoping to harvest his brain and unlock the results of their genetic testing. On the run they subjected themselves to haphazard and rushed treatments, unlocking their posthuman potential but deforming themselves and becoming grotesque monstrosities. They very nearly finished Tyler then and there, but Reso bought him enough time to seal himself into the laboratory. Tyler’s parents were more powerful than he had accounted for. They destroyed Reso’s robotic shell and nearly killed Tyler. However Reso managed to draw them into the archives, reactivating the dimensional apparatus he once served and exiling them to another dimension. The experience damaged his energy form and very nearly killed him. Tyler was able to collect enough of his essence and place him into the equivalent of a coma for recovery.

Tyler subsequently sealed himself into his lab. He was constantly absorbing data, streaming in from all sources on the planet, looking for the latest in cloning, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and any combination thereof. His teammates saw very little of him. Save for Ishmerai when Tyler wanted him access to some magical texts, hoping to fill in a few of the gaps in his research. When Reso’s consciousness fluttered back into activity, Tyler was already designing the specifications for his new body.

Therein was the complication. Up until now, Reso had been simply an energy construct. A voice projected digitally through any available appliance. He didn’t have a visible or concrete gender, none of his people did. Tyler had been developing feelings for Reso as they grew close as teammates, and his experience with those kinds of feelings being more or less typical, Tyler had begun designing an anatomically female body. However, in Reso’s dealings with humanity, as the prospect of possessing an actual physical body, he realized that he identified more as a masculine entity than anything else. He voiced this concern to Tyler, and Tyler of course immediately turned ‘creative’ control of the design to Reso. After all, it would be his body, not Tyler’s. Suffice to say this put a wrinkle in Tyler’s romantic designs, but he only wanted Reso to be happy.

A few months and Reso’s body was ready. With a soul-binding spell learned from Ishmerai’s library to aid in the transfer, Tyler was able to successfully integrate Reso’s energy form with this physical technorganic shell. He was ecstatic. Reso was alive. He was corporeal. When Reso opened his eyes and said Tyler’s name, all doubts faded. Tyler had fallen in love with a being, a soul, and no matter the physical form he occupied, Reso was still that same being. That same soul. They tried to maintain a level of professionalism that fooled noone (except for maybe Guan Yu, he just though they were especially close as brothers in arms. You know? Camaraderie and such). This lasted for about a week before they declared their undying affections for each other, to the surprise of nobody (except for again, Guan Yu. They had to explain it to him a few times.)

TL;DR = Reso’s robotic body was destroyed and Tyler constructed an advanced technorganic body that he could permanently inhabit, at which point the two realized their romantic feelings towards one another. Whoo!


Abilities: In his current form Resonant possesses enhanced durability and super-strength, and self-sustained flight, powered. His technorganic body has a self-repairing capacity, able to regenerate tissue and fluids at an accelerated rate. He no longer is able to project his energy form outside of his body but he still wields the energy that once composed him. He can project it from his hands in explosive blasts or alter it’s frequency to absorb or redirect other forms of energy.