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Next member of the team: ÉPOQUE


Bio: Gerard Genet was a physicist from France, whose renowned work in multiversal theory and time-dilation earned him a spot on a multi-billion research project. The project entailed the construction of a massive supercollider. Gerard was to head the subsequent experiment. The idea was to make micro-breaches in space-time to study differences between the neighboring dimension and our own. However, an overzealous researcher miscalculated and the breach was far wider than anticipated. Gerard ushered the research team out of the blast chamber and attempted to manually close off the hemorrhage. His plan worked, but as the closing breach unleashed a devastating wave of of energy right before it sealed. Gerard was caught in the blast and nearly died.

He was in a coma for six weeks, under careful government observation. Upon awakening, Gerard found his body infused with the dimensional energy, able to project it from his body and warp space-time in his immediate environment. He used his abilities locally at first and only for scientific research, but more and more Gerard found himself wishing to make a difference. He started using his abilities for disaster relief, at first in France and then Europe at large. He adopted the name ÉPOQUE, trying to be like the colorful superheroes of the age, and gained notoriety within the international posthuman community.

When the invasion happened, Époque was instrumental in stemming the tide of the invading troops and helped Pinnacle seal the main breach, causing the chain reaction that closed off all other incursion points. He accepted Pinnacle’s offer to organize into a team with no hesitation.

Abilities: Gerard can release a unique form of energy that enables him to control space-time. He envelops a person/object or even himself in this energy to a number of effects. He can accelerate or decelerate the passage of time on a single object, freezing them in a single moment stretched out to hours, or forcing them to age several days in a matter of minutes. Using this aspect of his abilities on himself, Gerard can approximate superhuman speed by phasing himself into an accelerated timeline relative to the world around him. He can also his energy teleport himself and others vast distances. The larger the change to local space-time and the more mass involved, the more tiring it is for him.