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One more for the wardens (I think I only have one more team member after this, maybe two.)

VESSEL- She was the unfortunate victim of possession, by a great and powerful demon, one of the primordial infernals from before our universe came to be. After several botched exorcisms, resulting each time in the death of the practitioner, she was brought to the Wardens. Scribe and Sacrament pooled their knowledge and performed the ritual, but the situation soon began to deteriorate. The demon almost emerged from her flesh, and in the pivotal moment both Sister Sanctity and Null struck out to stop it. Sister Sanctity used her touch to hallow the girl’s body, hoping to burn the demon out, while Null negated the Demon’s dimensional breach. The resulting reaction was catastrophic, but the effect was quite unique. The demon’s consciousness was obliterated by Sister Sanctity’s touch, but Null’s abilities fused the demon’s physical body to the girl, stuck halfway between incarnation and oblivion. With practice and the aid of a special suit, she learned to push and pull the demon’s body further in and out between states. This allows her to embody the demon, growing razor sharp claws/fangs/horns and gaining its immense strength and pyrokinetic abilities, or conceal its presence and assume human form once more. She joined the Wardens and learned to fight the forces of darkness as: VESSEL.