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Thanks guys! I’ve been really busy at work lately, but I wanted to post a quick addition to my Wardens. Especially since Jeff posted that nifty new Zeus head.



He is the lore-master of the group, a sorcerer of Arthurian times and once-apprentice to the legendary Merlin. His quest for power led him to a hidden chamber, an extra dimensional All-Space, accessible from any point on the globe, but only if one knows to look for it. There he was able to use all his mastery of the lore to summon to him Odin, the All-Father. He sacrificed his humanity to learn the secret of the Runes, the secret language known only to Odin that has the power to warp reality. Odin gave him the knowledge he sought, but turned him into a being of unfeeling stone and rooted him to the All-Space. He had the power he sought, but could not move from his fixed spot in the world. He can manifest his stone body through any part of the secret chambers, but can never again re-enter the earthly plane.

He remained there for centuries, using the All-Space and its library to amass a vast knowledge of the universe, of forgotten magicks and ancient beings. The All-Space was eventually discovered by Voyeur, who could see it with his sight beyond sight. SCRIBE was discovered by the group and he agreed to aid them, lending his expertise to them in times of need and using the Runes to strengthen their arms. He provides them all instantaneous access to the All-Space.