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Thanks, Jeimuzu! I didn’t get a chance to say so in your thread, but it’s good to see you back around these parts :D

Two more wardens:

VOYEUR- Gifted with “The Sight” and one of the few able to control it (however slightly). He can ‘see’ through time, past events, present events, future events (although his knowledge of the future events dims accordingly to how closely they become present). In addition his vision allows him to see the true nature of all things, allowing him to see past illusions and enhancements, see evil intent within people, even to see shifted individuals in their original forms. The breadth of his vision takes its toll on his sanity. Voyeur is one of the more mentally imbalanced individuals of the group. He wears a mask to cover his physical eyes, finding them “distracting”.


SACRAMENT- He is part of a religious order that celebrates the power of blood and pain. They use the sacrifice of inflicting pain on the flesh to seal their rituals and empower their magic. Sacrament is an especially powerful member of this order. He has undergone haemogenesis, a ritual that tortures its subject repeatedly to the edge of death. In doing so they are transformed, infused with powerful blood magic. Through this ritual Sacrament has enhanced strength, senses, and durability. His most powerful ability is in his blood. Fresh from his body, his blood is a powerful catalyst to any kind of magic. Any who ingest his blood find their abilities strengthened, seals or rituals enhanced with his blood are extra potent, etc.