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I don’t know if it’s my binge-watching American Horror Story: Coven or the Harry Potter marathon on TV, but I’ve got the hankering for some magic-based characters.

New concept: The Wardens – A team of mystics from diverse backgrounds, banded together to combat threats to/from the magical community.

SISTER SANCTITY- The product of a brief and disastrous affair between a mortal woman and an archangel. She’s been trained by her mother since birth to combat offenders on either side of the spectrum. Sister Sanctity fights with the gifts of her divine heritage. She has enhanced reflexes/strength/durability/speed. In addition to her physical attributes, she possesses the Hallowed Touch. She can tap into the divinity of her bloodline and sanctify any object she touches, turning it into a brutally effective weapon against dark magic.


NULL- A morose young woman. She was sickly as a girl, battling illness after illness. Null was declared legally dead several times (the longest being for ten minutes). On one of her jaunts to the other side, something reached out to her… and changed her. Null is stuck in a state of flux between our plane and the other side. The frequency of her existence cancels out magical activity. She can dispel curses, undo protections, basically negate any magical phenomenon in her presence.