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@The Atomic Punk said:

Really like Mictiz’ mask and transitional wing effects! I’ve always wondered, though. What did hummingbirds do that the Aztecs associate them with war? The must be ferocious when agitated. We’re talking about a Meso-American empire that sacrificed humans cowering at some little buzz bomber!

Huitzilopochtli translates roughly from Nahuatl to: “Hummingbird of the Left” although I’m unsure of whether the association is derived from the name or vice versa.

As far as the sacrifice to what seems like a tiny little bird, Aztec deities actually had many aspects assigned to them and Huitzilopochtli was a solar deity as well as a war god. He was mostly depicted as a towering humanoid figure with a jet black face, bright hummingbird feathers everywhere, and wielding the Xiuhcoatl (which is the to say a giant snake made of fire) as his weapon. If somebody like that showed up and told you to get sacrificin’… you’d best get sacrificin’