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I had a blast with all the gender-bending so I’ll probably do some more in the future, but for now here’s another character from the Nexus universe.

Name: Aryeh Lev
Age: 37
Species: Enhanced Human
Powers/Abilities: Aryeh is an expert combatant, having trained specifically to combat beings of supernatural origin. His blood has been blessed through ritual, granting him an enhanced physiology that boosts his reflexes/agility/dexterity/stamina to post-human levels. In addition to the physical enhancements, Aryeh’s blessed blood is caustic to Infernals. His right eye and right hand have been replaced by pieces of living hallowed metal the hand granting him bursts of superhuman strength and the eye able to see across multiple spectra and through illusions. He is not a proficient magic user, but is able to perform rudimentary summoning seals to give him instant access to an armory of spiritual weaponry. Among his equipment he has reinforced armor that absorbs the energy of impacts, boots that allow him to walk across any surface, and a cloak that can provide him with limited camouflage. His weapon of choice is a bladed pistol that fires ritualized rounds of ammunition with various effects. He keeps different rounds on his belt.
Bio: Aryeh Lev is the surviving son of a longstanding rabbinical line based out of Tel Aviv. His father and grandfather were grooming him to be a successive leader for their community. He was a faithful, kind man, until the tragic day when he and his family were called to perform an exorcism on the youngest son of a notable family. The young man was at the mercy of a powerful dybbuk. Aryeh’s grandfather was killed during the exorcism after was forced to kill Aryeh’s father when the dybbuk possessed him. Aryeh was left with his eye gouged out, his hand missing. Since that day he has devoted himself to the hunting and killing of Infernals and other supernaturals as the mercenary Ishmerai.
Early in his Aryeh encountered Hector Monroy. The priest saved his life from a rogue demon who had managed to breach into the mortal plane and physically incarnate himself. It was the first instance either of them had seen where an Infernal had manifested without the use of a human being as a medium. The boundaries between planes were getting weaker. The Nine Gates were slowly opening. Father Monroy gifted him with his new hand and eye, and gave him the equipment he uses to this day, telling him he would recall the debt one day.
That day came when Father Monroy came to be the guardian of the infant Ulises. Ishmerai wanted to kill the child once he learned its origins and the power it wielded, but he was indebted to Father Monroy and deferred to his plan. With that Ishmerai became a silent guardian for the boy. At any odd instance or occurrence surrounding him, Ishmerai would quiet those who caught wind of him. He patrolled the borders of the mission making sure that no Infernal would get close enough to recognize the boy for what he was. After the manifestation of Ulises’s full abilities, Ishmerai joined him and Father Monroy on their journey. He would continue to protect Ulises for as long as was necessary…