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Name: Hiro
Power: Super Strength, Water Bending
Bio: Fascinated by Pirates of the Caribbean at a very young age, this small boy began journeying at sea.. He sailed his grandpas small boat for months on end.. While sailing one day, his sail boat was swept away by a strong current which led him into a whirlpool.. As the ship became engulfed he lost his breath and passed out.. When he awoke he was in a mysterious cave with pure gold in spots on the wall.. He explored the cave and found loads of treasure.. One piece in particular was radiating energy.. He approached the golden pearl and stared in amazement.. As soon as he laid one finger on it, the golden orb melted and formed around his left hand.. The pain was unbearable.. It felt like his skin underneath was burning away (in fact it was).. He screamed so loud the cave started to cave in.. He quickly realized and dashed to find an exit to the cave.. When he saw daylight he was very happy, but a large boulder fell and landed right in front of him blocking the exit.. He panicked fearing for his life.. Out of rage he punched the boulder and coincidentally it broke into many pieces.. He climbed past the rocks and stood at the entrance of the cave as it caved in.. He looked out over the cliff he was now standing on and saw nothing but water around.. To be continued..

The squares are a reference to his size.. around 4 1/2 feet