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Coldburn. She controls energy that is comprised of both ice and heat. One of the Elementals.

Coldferno. One half of him is a cryokinetic and the other is pyrokinetic. He channels each power into its own blade.

Coldstone. Jewel Meyers. Cryokinetic powers.

Comet. Cecilia Drake. A young heroine who can create explosive blasts that can be used both offensively and for propulsion.

Conduit. Elisa Todd. Electrokinesis, the ability to manipulate electric energy.

Cosmic Man. A mysterious alien warrior from a distant galaxy imbued with the combined cosmic power of his entire race.

Covert. Brian Simpson. Camouflaging armor. Lightsaber nunchucks. That’s right, lightsaber nunchucks. From the same point in the future as the Millennial Horde. Working to stop them from completing their mission. Has provided the Squadron Prime with minimal information so as to not influence the timeline.