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Capri. Olivia Lee. Ninja. Partner to Crimson. Member of the Kunoichi.

Captain Prime. Colby Primeaux. Power bestowal and activation.

Carmine. Carmine Nguyen. Member of the Squadron Prime. Archnemesis of Majestrix.

Cat. Inez Avila. She has cat-like agility. She always lands on her feet, no matter the height from which she falls. Member of the New Force.

Censor. Real name unknown. She possess the ability to psychically censor someone or something by either rendering something that she believes should not be seen or heard invisible, blurred, blank or mute, or blinding or deafening whoever might see or hear it. All that is known is that she is housewife driven insane by what her teenage children see and hear in the media. She first tried to attack several of the world’s elite supermodels before turning her attention to various superheroines that she deems are too sexy for public viewing. Her own nudity is not apparent to her although she subconsciously censors her naughty bits.

Charlotte Chase. No superpowers, just super rich. She is the ruthless and seductive owner of an illegal underground fighting circuit for superhumans. She uses her team of capekillers, Apriil, May and June, to kidnap competitors. She is looking for a new marquee fighter.

Charmer. Katherine Hibeck. Music-based magic powers. She sings a specific sequence of notes to activate each spell.

Checkmate. Eileen Wells. Villain with a brilliant strategic mind and expert in many forms of combat.

Cinder. Claire Johnstone. Pyrokinesis.