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Bandit. Jason DiSalvatore. Charming, mysterious, thief/antihero. Involved in a secret relationship with Vanguard despite being distrusted by her brother, Guardsman.

Blacklight. Jack Norton. Former assassin who has since reformed into a hero. His armor can either create a blast of light or a shroud of darkness around him. Leader of the Redeemed.

Blaze. Jenny Garcia. A mutant pyrokinetic who channels her flame around her sword. Member of the New Force.

Bluebolt. Glenn Finley. A heroic super speedster who creates static electricity when he runs.

Blue Tiger. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime. Mutant reflexes of a tiger. Master swordsman.

Bluehawk. Ryan Nash. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime. Flight due to natural wings.

Bluestreak. Amy Rush. She is a master swordswoman and has super speed. Member of the Heroes of Tomorrow and reserve member of the Squadron Prime.

Bombshell. Isla Dixon. She can create psychic “bombs” which contain explosive force. Former villain, now a member of the Redeemed.