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Sunshine. Sally Paige. She controls solar energy. Member of New Force.

Sunstreak. Gabriel Santos. Runs on solar power. Literally. Member of the Redeemed.

Superstar. Ursula Andrews. Master acrobat and super strength. Reserve member of the Global Girls.

Swift. Whitney Hawkins. Superspeed due to her cybernetic legs.

Tania. Empathic alien cousin of Aviana, Ettia and Haliya. Member of the Angels.

Temperance. Danni Haas. She has super strength and agility but every time she over exerts herself, her immune system shuts down, leaving her extra vulnerable to common illnesses. Member of New Force.

Temptress. Victoria Wagner. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.

Sylvia Kane. Former government spy, now a member of the Agents of Change. Recruited by Solomon Cade after he resigned. Expert spy, martial artist and with firearms.