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Snow Angel. Ingrid Baldurdottir. She flies due to natural wings. She also commands the cold. She is the sole protector of Scandinavia.

Solarstorm. Gretta Holmgren. Heliokinesis.

Solomon Cade. He is a martial artist, a telepath and is proficient with all kinds of firearms. Leader of the Agents of Change. Former government operative who left his agency after discovering that the a foreign power was using American-given aid to fund super villains. He now works to subvert those villains, that foreign government and their American allies.

Spotweld. James Kyle. He’s a welder for a construction company. He uses his pyrokinetic abilities to act as a human blowtorch.

Springstep. Mitch Jefferies. Extreme superhuman elasticity, malleability, shape shifting and endurance.

Springtide. Jaye Guttierez. Sister of Moonlight. Hydropsychic form and hydrokinesis.

St. John. Shawn Grenier. Generation of one end of a teleportation portal. The other end is generated by his wife, Avalon.

Stalwart. Deanna Stone. Rock-hard skin. Super strength and endurance. She is unsure as to best use her newly-developed abilities.