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Sai. Talia Prince. Hero-turned-villain. Member of the Sisterhood of the Shadow. Ex-lover of Rising Blade.

Selina Pierce. Expert knife fighter. Member of the Agents of Change. Former government operative who followed Solomon Cade when he resigned.

Sentinel. Bill Frye. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime.

Seraphim. Warren Joshua “Jay” Worthington. Son of Warren Worthington III (Angel) and Paige Guthrie (Husk) of the X-Men. Called Jay in honor of his late uncle, Joshua “Jay” Guthrie (Icarus). Has the flight and healing blood of his father, as well as the ability to flash fry his outer skin revealing either a layer of steel, rubber or rock. Also carries a sword similar to the one his father stole from Magik of the Exiles. He has his father’s fortune but his mother’s political conscience. Member of Heroes of Tomorrow. Reserve member of Squadron Prime.

Seraph. Kimberly Cole. Member of Heroes of Tomorrow. Reserve member of Squadron Prime.

Shadowrangler. Chantelle Greinke. Darkness manipulation.

Shatter. Gretchen Corolla. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.