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Red Titan. Cybernetic technopath. Leader of the Millennial Horde.

Redstreak. Julie Hendricks. Member of the Squadron Prime. Engaged to Tychos.

Riding Hood. Rita Horn. A vigilante is finds herself on both sides of the law at times, that is, when she’s able to be found at all, as her cloak makes her invisible. She attacks thieves and other criminals from seemingly nowhere with her daggers.

Riff. Sadie Rowland. The power to generate physical energy and channel it through your guitar strings, thus producing concussive force blasts.

Rising Blade. Naomi Sato. Japanese member of the Global Girls. Former lover of the hero-turned-assassin Sai of the Sisterhood of the Shadow. Currently in a relationship with teammate Miss Mapleleaf.

Rocketess. Claire Secord. Jetpack-propelled heroine.

Royale. Crystal King. A vigilante warrior who is deadly with her hook blades. Former member of the Kunoichi.

Sabre. Blake Sellers. Dual lightsabres. Member of Heroes of Tomorrow. Reserve member of Squadron Prime.

Safeguard. Rebecca Mills. Invisible force fields.