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Nightblade. Jolene McDowell. An assassin, as evil as she is beautiful.

Nightlight. Danielle Weil. Cousin to Flourish. Bioluminescence.

Nightmare. He scared the piss out of you in Hero Machine 2 with his giant shotgun and then made fun of you for wetting yourself. And now he’s back. Only this time…. he’s got a new little friend…

Nightvision. Barbara Kent. Precognitive dreaming, which is the power to see the symbolic flashes of the future in your sleep.

Odyssey. Gwendolyn Buckley. A young spy with a special talent of retrocognition which allows her to see psychic vibrations left behind by others in a specific area in the past. By recalling person-specific vibrations, she is able to piece together a sequence of places a person has been. She is a known ally of several superhero teams and heroes, as well as local law enforcement.

Opal. Aisha Chen. A member of the Kunoichi.

Osprey. Hoyt Perkins. A retired member of the Squadron Prime and partner of the Delegate. Mutant wings and enhanced eyesight.

Palette. Bobbi Haven. Generation and manipulation of various forms of energy, each of which have been subconsciously associated with a different color.

Parkour. Levi Orosco. Expert freerunner. Superhuman speed, agility, reflexes, dexterity. Member of the Heroes of Tomorrow.