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Kubernan. Simon Cantwell. Member of the Squadron Prime. Mutual attraction to Union Jill.

Kukri. Isabel Reyes. This mysterious warrior is so named for the kukri blades she attacks with. Enemy of Crimson and the Kunoichi. Ally of Cyrus and Royale.

Kunoichi. Amanda Davis. Enhanced physical abilities. Former leader of the assassin group which has since stole her name.

Lady Luck. Michelle Morgan. A member of the Squadron Prime. Best friend of Vanguard. Love interest of Guardsman.

L’Aile. Emilie Beauvais was born in Marseille, France. When she turned 13, she discovered she had sonic powers which she used to make wings for herself. She is also an excellent archer. When she turned 18, she was recruited by a pair of American superheroines. She now represents the French as a member of the Global Girls. L’Aile means the Wing.

Lamina. Vanessa Brown. Member of the Sisterhood of the Shadow.